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I do camera repair on the TDC Vivid and View-Master Personal Stereo Camera. Prices range from $20 to $80.

You can buy my high resolution version of the repair manual with updates for 2002 for $20
I'm working on a 3rd revision with inline photo examples.

I have a CD-ROM  (View-Master TV) that was a collaboration between me and Mary Ann Sell that has several hours of video from old 50's era TV shows feature View-Master as well as interviews with View-Master legends Charley Van Pelt and Dave Hitchcock. This is available directly from Mary Ann Sell for $30

View-Master related T-Shirts and Mouse pads
Other Stereo Related T-Shirts

The National D-Day Museum View-Master set will contain images shot by me and my wife Carol. Follow the link for more information.

Just got back from Rock City Gardens who had us up there to shoot new shots for their View-Master set. The reels they currently carry have 40 year old images. See example shots and pictures of us on the job.

If your attraction would also like to have a View-Master set, please send me email so I can send you the details and get you in contact with the right people.

Contact me via email at

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