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---- 2016 ----

Liquid Lounge
Friday June 17th

Liquid Lounge
Friday May 20th

Private Event
Saturday May 14th

Liquid Lounge
Friday April 15th

Liquid Lounge
Friday January 15th (8pm)

----- 2015 ----


Liquid Lounge
Friday November 13th (9pm)

Liquid Lounge
Friday September 18th (9pm)

The Underpass
Friday August 28th (9:30pm)

Liquid Lounge
Friday May 15th (8pm)

Liquid Lounge
Friday February 20th

RBC in Deep Ellum
SATURDAY  JANUARY 10th 9PM (doors open at 8)



Bryan Street Tavern
FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th 10PM (doors open at 8)

Liquid Lounge

The Prophet Bar
September 4th

The Grotto
August 24th
North Texas Browncoats shindig (Tickets for full events)
Or $5 at the door. (proceeds go to Equality Now)







4315 Bryan St, Dallas, Texas 75204