Adjusting Electronic Flash Sync

The View-master camera is set for a delay at the factory for the flash bulb (7 milliseconds). If you update your camera with an electronic flash you may not get flash sync.  The symptom will be partially exposed pictures.  To fix this you need to open the bottom of the camera and adjust the flash contacts as pictured below to remove the delay. To check your camera open the back, open the lens to the widest setting and look through the back of the lens while tripping the shutter and flash, if you see a full circle you are in sync if you see a crescent you are not. Once this adjustment is made it should sync at all speeds.

It will be necessary to bend the switch drive blade so that it looks this:

Switch set for strobe

Normal switch

(Note difference in drive blade)



When replacing the back on the camera you may have to slightly depress the shutter release to get it out of the way. Make sure you line up the screw holes.