The Mark II aka Stereo Color Camera


The MarkII was made in Europe, but from a Stereocraft/Sawyers design that was an attempt to make the camera more affordable. The main difference is how the film travels. It does not travel out of the film cartridge and then back in like the View-Master personal (that mechanism apparently was very expensive to produce), but at an angle so that you can get just as many pictures in one pass. A very crafty design. 

Because of this you have to have the film cutter designed for the MarkII, even though you can use the same personal reel mounts. Also the Mark II has a simplified exposure control that I personally find a little confusing. It's shutter speeds are limited to 1/30 1/45 and 1/60, but it does have a greater aperture range (f/2.8 to f/22)

The MarkII is more collectable and a fine camera, but not the precision camera that the Personal Stereo is, so for today's prices it's a better deal.

Click this text to see the online manual for this camera (not on my site)