Vintage Manuals free for download

Personal Stereo Camera (7.5meg Acrobat file)
Personal Stereo Camera Repair Manual (3 meg Acrobat file)

This online version was made from the original provided by Mary Ann and Wolfgang Sell.
If you want my high resolution version that is updated in 2005 with extra details tips and tricks, CLICK THIS

36-Inch Close up-Attachments (112k Acrobat File)
24-Inch Close-Up Attachments (112 k Acrobat File)

View-Master Film Cutter Manual(1.2meg)

Film Inserter Manual (316k)
View-Master Stereo-Matic 500 Manual(627k)
Talking View-Master Illustrated Parts Manual (272k)

Talking View-Master Service Manual (70k)

Talking View-Master Projector Illustrated Parts Manual (457k)

All Files are in Adobe Acrobat format.

All online versions Eddie Bowers 2004
They are free for download, but may not be redistributed or sold without my permission.