Stereocraft Engineering was started by Gordon Smith and Karl Kurtz to design stereoscopic related devices. Their primary focus was to design for Sawyer's Inc. and the View-Master plant. Stereocraft only lasted a decade (1945 - 1956) before it's assets were purchased by Sawyers, but in that short time they left us with many great designs. The View-Master Personal and the TDC Vivid are still in use today as well as the Stereo-Matic 500 Projector.  The View-Master production machines they designed are still in use producing all the View-Master reel  titles. This Cyber version of Stereocraft is indented as a resource for owners of equipment designed by Stereocraft as well as offering repair services.


For Repair of the View-Master Personal or TDC Vivid
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VM Personal:
Fixing Shutter Bounce
Adjusting Camera for Modern Electronic Flash Sync
Modification for modern filters
Repair Manual

TDC Vivid:
General Information

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