Is it a sweet treat or a hard punch to the jaw? Maybe a little of both.

What is unique about the Jawbreaker pedal:

It retains more of the timbre of your original guitar tone while giving you an aggressive overdrive sound.
Many  overdrives claim to be "Transparent" but they all cover the unique quality of your guitar and pickups at higher gain.
For example, when you use the in-between settings on a Stratocaster (neck+middle or middle+bridge) we all recognize that distinctive Strat quack, but at higher gain it goes away.  You can hardly tell the difference between the middle or the neck+middle setting.
With the Jawbreaker this isn't the case.  You can get heavy overdrive with tons of sustain while still retaining that distinctive sound. 
The key is retaining as much of the attack as possible. There have been studies that show that the human ear identifies sounds primarily by the the initial attack.  When you remove that element it's difficult to identify the type of instrument or the unique style of the player.

So if you like the sound of your guitar when it's played clean you will love this overdrive.


This overdrive wasn't built to emulate anything in particular.  It's not trying to sound like a Marshall or a tweed.  Instead it takes on the characteristics or your existing guitar and amp, but gives you fantastic overdrive that most amps wont give you on their own.  It's not intended as a boost (although it has plenty of output) but to add it's own overdrive character.

It's not a Tube Screamer clone, but is well suited to heavy blues, classic rock, or country tones.
It's not a metal pedal.  You wont get any of that chuga chuga sound out of this pedal.

It features True Bypass. 
It's compatible with standard Boss style power adapters.
It features a unique adjustable knob resistance, so you can either lock down your settings, or just make your tone control stiffer than your Drive and Output controls.

Hand made in Texas.

No Mojo hype here.  If you want a  unique, outstanding sounding overdrive check out the samples.