Max-Boost photo

What is unique about the Max-Boost Pedal:

It not only boosts the guitar signal, it's boosts the Voltage too!
It uses regular 9v batteries (or Boss style 9v adapter), but internally boosts this to 18 volts for extra clean headroom.
It does not color the sound at all.  What goes in is what comes out, just at a higher level.
It works well at any point in your pedal chain.  Some boosts are intended to be the first in your chain and connected directory to your guitar.  Sometimes this is practical, but sometimes it's not.  This allows you to boost your signal to either drive your amp or overdrive harder, or simply raise the output level for solos.


NOTE:  The Max-Boost uses standard 9v Boss style power adapters.  It is 18 volts internally.  Do not use an 18 volt power adapter.


Tidbit:   The Max-Boost is essentially named for my little dog Max.  Like the pedal, a lot of volume in a very small package.

Max (The Dog)