1-1-2010    Beta tests complete.  Begin layouts for production version

2-16-2010     First sample boards complete and ready for components

3-7-2010    Test production pedals  built with sample boards and tested.

3-26-2010  Based on a few minor issues with the first 3 production pedals tests, I'm updating the board layout for the final etching.

4-5-2010   Sound samples recorded.  More professional ones to come later.
                  Etched 18 boards with new layout.

4-19-2010  New pedals built with the new layout and tested.

5-11-2010  Several full production pedals completed.

6-21-2010  Started prototyping my boost pedal.  So far so good.

7-9-2010   I will be out of town and unable to fill orders until 7-23.  I should be able to respond to email however.
                 The boost pedal has been laid out for etching.  Hope to get samples done this weekend.
                 (The prototype sounds very nice)

7-23-2010  Back in town.  Just have to link to this photo from my trip.  Me and Brian May.

8-6-2010   The boost pedal is ready for production,  just need to get finished boxes.

8/25/2010   The boost pedal is ready for sale.

10/25/2010  Finally got some more samples up

11/22/2010   Made some changes to the Max Boost based on feedback from Clint Coleman.  It's now perfect IMHO.
                     Done some initial design tests on a compressor that look promising.

1/24/2011  I have added an additional option to the Jawbreaker pedal that lets you choose the voicing for Single-Coil  or Humbucker.  This radically improves the humbucker tone especially with PAF style pickups.  I will be updating the samples as soon as possible to reflect this.

3/28/2011  The yet to be named compressor pedal design is complete and first test boards etched.  This thing sounds fantastic.
(update) - Well as much as I loved this thing it was just too subtle for just about everyone, so back to the drawing board for this one.  I have some other ideas on this front.

3/24/2014 I haven't been posting news in a while (sorry about that).  I just thought I would mention my experience with the new EHX Soul Food ( a clone of the famous Klon Centaur ).  I played one in Sam Ash and though it sounded nice.  I was actually wondering if I might like it better than my own design (they are radically different designs). I wasn't really sure until I played mine against it in the band. The Soul Food IS nice, but it's a bit grating compared to the JawBreaker if used for something more than just a boost. Also it completely looses they great cluck and quack of the middle positions I worked so hard to preserve.  When I switched my Les Paul with P90s to the middle position there was no competition. The JawBreaker wins.

I have also been stacking my Fuzz in front of the Jawbreaker with great success.  I hesitate to sell the Fuzz because mine is a derivative of the Big Muff and I was trying to stay away from entering the clone market. It IS a tad different and sounds nice.  In front of the JawBreaker is stops really sounding like a Fuzz.  You get more of a 70s singing sustained tone.