7tacknyum.gif (12620 bytes)

This is possibly the two early characters
Meme and the enchanted Prince. I'm not sure
if any animation was ever done of them.
Early Yum-Yum and Tack (in Color)

The beginning of the film was much different
and used the image of these hands extensively
when setting up the story.
This is the clean-up sheet for the Old Lady/Witch
She got cut from the released version.
7camp.gif (9976 bytes) 7dragon.gif (11235 bytes)
This is an early look at the camp scene.
Look close and you will see tack  and
the Brigands sleeping.
I'm not sure what part this dragon was going to
play in the film, but it looks cool.
7prince.gif (15278 bytes)
Except for fido, this is pretty much what
you see in the final version.
Another version of the enchanted Prince with
the Old Witch.
Cobbler Color Key
(from Jonathan Barry)
One Eye Army Cel
(from Jonathan Barry)
Thief Color Key
(From Jonathan Barry)
Extra special thanks to Ken Coleman for lending me his old Starlog to scan from,
and to Amid Amidi for scanning the clean-up sheet and other images from Funny World.
Extra Extra special thanks to Jonathan Barry for sharing from his personal collection.