(FYI, the below information hasn't been updated in years. I'm playig guitar and taking Stereo Photography a lot lately and not drawing much. My nephew and I have done a bit of stop motion, so I hope that may be my road back to making things magically move again)

My name is Eddie Bowers. I'm currently a systems engineer at Microsoft and a part time animator. Some of the images on this page are little out of date at the moment. I have been lured away from animation to a large extent and into stereo/3D photography which is taking up a lot of my time. Send me mail if you like my page or have something to add.


Scans from my sketch book:


A clip from
an unfinished
animated project
I was working on:

QuickTime file
(2 Meg)


My list of Animation Books for animators.

The How To Animate Page with contributions by me.

Various pictures of me and where I live and work.

Animation World Network
Animation Artist Magazine

The Animation Learners's Site
Animation Meat
Animation Blast
Upcomming Animated Features
My Musical Interests.

 My View-Master
 Resource Site

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