Workprint only. Fido is
hungry so Zig-Zag takes him to have
Cobbler (tack) (1.5MB)
Workprint only. The thief finds something
good to steal but gets caught. Later he is
sentenced to have his hands cut off. Yikes! (1.5MB)
A very small part of this survives in the
released version, but all the cool stuff is
removed (for the kiddies I guess) (1.2MB)
This character was completely removed from
the released version. The whole thing about her
being the sister of One-Eye was not original. (900k)
This is in the released version. I included it because
Williams' considers it his "Graduation piece"
and he used it to perfect accents. (1.3MB)
A very small bit of this is in the released version.
The tormented king running down the stairs was
pulled out for some reason.
left.gif (1916 bytes) 8bath.gif (7160 bytes) right.gif (1912 bytes)
This is my own edited version of the bath scene.
It uses the original audio track and all the footage from
the Miramax version that conforms to the storyboards.
The Thief gets caught and uses the back scratcers
from the bath scene to spare his hands.
This scene is not in the released version.

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