Various pictures of my natural habitat.

This is my little desk where I do a lot of my animation (when I'm not
doing it in my car at lunch). Looks fancy at first until you notice the
use of TV Trays and the potential fire hazard at the wall socket..
Richard Williams and myself (I'm on the left) at Elroys after
his Animation Masterclass in San Francisco.
This is actually in my house. My wife and I slowly assembled this stuff
over the course of a couple of years. It's pretty neat to eat at a 50's
Diner every night.
Credit for this goes to my wife. She found this 50's couch thrown out
as trash. At that point it smelled bad and had holes in the fabric, but
having it re-covered made it like new.

Still giving this old cool furnature a good home in our n 1951 ranch