By Popular demand I have created this update log so that you can know what has changed when I make updates. -Eddie

8/27/2012 - The documentary has a release date. The film will be screened at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival, at some point between Sept. 27 - Oct. 12.  I haven't seen it.  In fact, these guys never even sent me email to ask if I had any other info, or contacts, or original artwork (all of which I do) or anything.  I hope it's good.  I hope this site inspired them to make the film.

4/2/2012 - Lots of exciting things are happening.  A documentary is in the works.  Garrett has uncovered a whole lot of new footage and in better quality than we have ever seen before.  Look for a new Re-Cobbled version soon.

5/31- Just updated the site with the information that the Re-Cobbled version is now available.

3/6/2006 - No I am not dead :)  and there is new news. See the new info about a cleaner workprint and Re-Cobbled versions.

6/3/2003 - Added more info on DVD's with the Princess and the Cobbler version available.

9/16/2002 - New information on a possible reconstruction of the original film from Kory Kinnick.

8/15/2002 - Added info on DVD's available including the new Japan issue.

5/7/2002 - Added a link on the main page to the offsite Merchandise Page.

2/21/2002 - Added a link on the articles page to the new Richard Williams Interview

2/08/2002 - Put up new images from Jonathan Barry in the Behind the Scenes page. Added some new articles that indicate a restoration may be in the works.

2/07/2002 - Finally got a domain name Also dropped GeoPlus, so now there will be pop-up ads :( 

8/10/2001 - Added info about Richard Williams new book The Animator's Survival Kit.

8/17/2000 - Added more news to the Save It Page about new restoration news from Mouse Planet.

4/20/2000 - Added news to the Save It page about workprint DVD possibility.

12/3/99 - New Master Class info for next year added.

11/29/99 - I was alerted to the fact that some of the links in the articles page are dead. These were all off-site links, so I just removed them from the list. These were mostly movie reviews, so no big loss.

11/24/99 - I got Adobe Image Ready which can optimize images for download. This should reduce the size of most of the graphics and help things download a lot more quickly

8/18/99 - Garrett Gilchrist created a nice little Thief screensaver. I'm still trying to figure out what section to put the link in. Right now it's in the pictures section. Suggestions are welcome.

3/17/99 - Changed the link to the Animation Masterclass again since there is a new one comming up in London.

2/22/99 - Changed the link to the Animation Masterclass so that it gives info, but not about a specific class. I will update that when and if I hear of another masterclass.

12/14/98 - Just finished a major renovation of the Who Am I page. It actually has graphics now. The Animators Book list is basically finished now too.

10/9/98 - Started putting together my Animators Book List. I still need to scan a few more book covers.

9/22/98 - Edited the MasterClass link to indicate that the class is over. I also recompressed my old work reel animation to give me some more room (I ran out) to put up an Animators Book List that i'm working on.

8/26/98 - Updated the information for next MasterClass in Denmark.

4/22/98 - I added the update log and removed the old GeoCities link because they are using a new "Water Mark" now instead.

4/18/98 - I added back a link on my page (me.html) for the "How to Animate Page" because it's up and going again. I also re-worded some of the stuff on that page. I removed the link to the Animation master class on the "Who Is Richard Williams Page" and change the main link to say "Did you miss the Richard Williams Animation Masterclass".

3/15/98 - Major update to all the Movie Clips. They now have a larger image and smaller file size thanks to the new compressor in QuickTime 3.0. The down side is that you must install the new version of QuickTime to view them.

The site was created sometime around the first of August 1997. Initially it had only about 500k of data and almost no graphics. Now it's well over 20 meg with movie files (taking up most of that space) and graphics. Once it got started, people started sending me cool images and information to add and it grew very fast. It's now leveled out, but I keep it updated regularly.