Workprint and "Recobbled" version NOW AVAILABLE!

There have been several bootlegs of Richard's 1992 workprint floating around for a while, but as time goes on better versions have been uncovered.
That combined with the footage available on DVD has made it possible to "cobble" together a more complete version of the film based on the workprint. I have seen the results and it's amazing and the good new is that it keeps getting better as people who worked on the film come forward with their treasures.  This has taken a lot of hard work by a very talented editor and artist named Garrett Gilchrist (

In some cases, Calvert shots were reanimated and new effects created to match Richard's original vision.
The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut is available on an unofficial DVD.

This recobbled version can be watched at, in low quality, in its entirety.

An even higher quality copy of the ReCobbled Cut is in the works (Mark 4) and now being edited. For the latest go to the Facebook group:

or discuss on the forum:

You can watch the trailer here or
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